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Polytech Marseille is a multi-disciplinary engineering school offering a variety of high-level programs, including an integrated Higher school preparatory classes called Peip (Polytech Engineering Schools Program),9 high-tech specialties or continuing education, 3 of which are apprenticeships programs, and 2 Post Master’s degree. Students interested in a career as an engineer in high-tech fields in Marseille have a wide choice of programs at their disposal.

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Preparatory classes

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Engineering programs

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Post Master’s programs

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Apprenticeships programs


Polytech Marseille recruits its future engineering students under the Réseau Polytech scheme

This joint, selective competitive recruitment gives access to the 20 schools and associate schools.

Several entry levels are possible

  • Pathways to an engineering degree right after high school

    With the integrated preparatory cycle (Peip) located upstream of the engineering cycle, nine complete engineering study courses, including three apprenticeships, are available within the school (*) or within the Polytech Network, with several entry levels: Post-bac or Bac +2/3/4.

    Courses are semestered in accordance with the European Bologna study scheme, allowing students to acquire European credits (ECTS) and professional experience through internships. The final year of the engineering cycle can be completed under a work-study contract.

    (*) excluding the biotechnology stream.

  • Accreditation of engineering courses

    Polytech Marseille's 9 engineering degrees are accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur, CTI, ENAEE's EUR-ACE (European- Accredited Engineer) label for FISE (Formation Initiale sous Statut Étudiant) and FISA (Formation Initiale sous Statut Apprenti en 3 ans) at the European level, are true seals of quality.

    To be accredited, courses are regularly audited by the CTI (last audit in 2022 - accreditation for 6 years) with a view to continuous improvement. They are examined in all facets of their activities: selectivity of recruitment, quality of training, excellence of research, international relations, relations with the socio-economic world, student life, professional integration, as well as policies to raise awareness of sustainable development and social responsibility, business creation, etc.

    Polytech Marseille is also a member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, CGEwhich brings together 238 schools (mainly management and engineering schools) awarding Master's degrees. Admission to the CGE is also subject to stringent criteria covering the school's structure, recruitment methods, teaching approach, international outlook, links with the business world, student support and the nature of its diplomas.

  • Specialized Post Master's accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

    Polytech also offers Specialized Masters accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

    These courses are aimed at Polytech engineering graduates, but are also open to other profiles, such as engineering schools, Masters 2 or Masters 1 graduates with professional experience, and can be pursued through initial training, work-study programs (professionalization contracts) or continuing education.

    The Specialized Master's degree is not a diploma but a label awarded by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), making it a valuable addition to any CV.


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