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Preparatory level (PeiP)


The Integrated Preparatory Cycle (PeiP: Parcours des Ecoles d'Ingénieurs Polytech) is a 2 or 3-year course designed to prepare students for the Polytech engineering cycle, by providing them with a multi-disciplinary basic scientific education, complemented by teaching geared towards the engineering profession (specific modules, projects, internships, etc.).

The Integrated Preparatory Cycle (PeiP) is available at all Polytech schools, and is aimed at students with a scientific baccalaureate. It is recruited through the Geipi Polytech competitive entrance exam, a national competition common to 35 engineering schools, including the 15 schools in the Polytech network. Validation of the PeiP gives direct access to the engineering cycle in one of the specialties of the Polytech Network schools.

In Marseille, 3 different PeiP courses are offered:

  • Peip A (reserved for students with a general baccalaureate)

    A 2-year preparatory cycle

    This curriculum includes a common core of scientific skills (mathematics, physics-chemistry, IT, etc.) and cross-disciplinary skills (English, communication, business knowledge). The program also includes specific courses and individual tutoring.

    The program is designed to give students a real insight into the world of industry, through knowledge of the business world, presentations by professionals and internships in France or abroad. In Marseille, the preparatory cycle is taught in the Polytech building on the St Jérôme site, and the course is integrated into the school.

  • Peip D (reserved for students with a technological baccalaureate)

    Preparatory cycle for technological baccalaureates: IUT course - 3 years of study

    The program is offered in partnership with the IUT de Marseille for the departments of Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing (GEII), Networks and Telecommunications (R&T), Energy Transition and Efficiency (MT2E, ex-GTE), Physical Measurement (MP) and Chemistry. The courses will take place at the IUT, with additional training enabling students to enter the school after three years of study, if they are successful. Some modules will be taught on the Polytech Marseille premises (Site St Jérôme).

    Post-preparatory course orientation : At the end of the 3 years, students in the preparatory course will express their wish to continue their studies in one of the engineering courses open to the BUT followed (list). Six of the nine Polytech Marseille courses are accessible to STI2D or STL baccalaureates from the preparatory course: Industrial Engineering and Computer Science, Materials, Microelectronics and Telecommunications, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Digital Systems.

  • Peip-Archi (reserved for students wishing to follow a dual Civil Engineering/Architect curriculum)

    A partnership with the Marseille School of Architecture

    Polytech Marseille enables students to pursue a double degree: engineering diploma + architecture diploma.

    A partnership has existed between Polytech Marseille and ensa.M since 2009. This double degree is unique in France, and graduates of this atypical program are highly valued on the job market.

    • The program starts exclusively in the first year of the preparatory cycle at Polytech Marseille.
    • Admitted students will have a secondary enrolment in the 2nd school.
    • The total number of students is 30.

    This double-curriculum will take place over 3 years of preparatory cycle and 4 years of engineering cycle, to enable students to follow the courses and validate the skills of both training programs.

    Recruitment process

    Students are enrolled in the double curriculum if they are admitted to the 2 PostBac competitive entrance exams of the 2 schools:

    • Geipi-Polytech
    • ENSAM
    • Students are informed before the start of the school year whether or not they have been admitted to the double curriculum.

No Peip B (bio) in Marseille

No Peip C (post PACES newly PASS)

Accessible via the Geipi Polytech competitive entrance examination

Students in their final year of high school and holders of the Baccalauréat can apply by registering for the Geipi Polytech competitive entrance exam.

Full details of how to enter the preparatory cycle are given in the admissions section of this site.

After the preparatory level (Peip)

After 2 or 3 years, students who have successfully completed their PeiP have direct access to the engineering program of one of the schools in the Polytech network. The choice of specialization will be based on the student's wishes, taking into account the specializations on offer and the number of places available. Students who have not passed their Peip can continue their studies in a conventional Bachelor's degree program.

At Polytech Marseille, a choice of 9 specializations is offered, with all areas of engineering science represented: Biological Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, Materials, Mechanics and Energy, Microelectronics and Telecommunications and Digital Systems.

Three specialties are available through apprenticeships: Computer Science, Mechanics and Energy, and Digital Systems.

Please note: All Polytech Marseille programs are accessible via the integrated preparatory classes, except for the biological engineering/biotechnology program, which recruits exclusively biology/life sciences profiles (PeiP B). Students interested in this stream should take a PeiP B with a biology/life sciences major, as offered at other Polytech schools: Angers, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Montpellier, Paris UPMC, Tours. For more information, consult the Réseau Polytech Admissions Guide.

Please note that the biomedical engineering stream does not recruit "bio" Peip students.

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