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Frequently asked questions (Admission)

Geipi Polytech competition - General baccalaureate

  • How do I apply for the Polytech Engineering School Pathway (PeiP)?

    Terminale générale students enrolled in a French lycée or a lycée approved by the Agence pour l'Enseignement Français à l'Etranger - AEFE (or holders of the Bac for one year), apply by registering for the Geipi Polytech competition, via Parcoursup, from January 18 to March 8, 2023.

    This competition has been set up for 35 schools, the Geipi schools including the 15 schools in the Polytech network.

    Registration for the competition counts for only one of ten possiblewishes on Parcoursup, and is triggered by the choice of a course in a given city (the registration fee is €60, and free for scholarship holders).

    For example, at Polytech Marseille:

    • PeiP A : A generalist course which, if successful, enables students to enter all the engineering specialties in the POLYTECH network, with the exception of 3 biological engineering specialties (all 15 schools offer this course).
    • PeiP D Course for technological baccalaureates. This course is offered in partnership with the Marseille IUT.
    • Peip Archi: Polytech Marseille enables students to pursue a double degree: engineering diploma + architecture diploma.

    Students are enrolled in the dual curriculum if they are admitted to the 2 PostBac competitive entrance exams of the 2 schools: Geipi-Polytech and ENSAM.

    You can apply to 2 PeiPs in the same city, or select several cities in which you would like to do your two years of general preparatory studies.

    It's advisable to select at least 4 to 5 cities to increase your chances.

  • What are the conditions and tests for the Geipi Polytech competition?

    The competitive entrance exams are as follows:

    File study for all candidates: Première grades in mathematics, physics-chemistry, English and Bac de français + grades in chosen scientific specialties (among the PC, SVT/Biologie écologie, SI, NSI and complementary mathematics specialties, for candidates who have not taken the math specialization) and English.

    All candidates will be invited to a written test (3h).

    Please note: The competitive entrance exam consists of a file mark + a written test mark, resulting in a "classic" ranking and an "Bio" ranking. All decisions concerning the admission of candidates will be taken by the Geipi Polytech jury.

  • Are the jury's assessments taken into account when examining the files?

    Appraisals are not taken into account in the file grade. However, the class average in the subjects covered by the dossier will be taken into account.

  • What is the written test?

    The written test will take place on Wednesday afternoon, May 3, 2023, at the test center chosen at the time of registration (approximately 160 test centers in France and abroad).

    Written test in 3 parts, taking into account the candidate's 2 scientific specialties.

  • Do I choose the school I want to go to, or does my ranking in the competition determine my assignment?

    Select the schools you're interested in from your list of sub-topics. You will receive an answer (accepted, on waiting list or rejected) for each sub-version. You make the final decision.

    Please note : you will not receive an offer of admission for a school you have not selected in your list of sub-wishes.

Special cases :

Geipi Polytech competition - STI2D-STL technological baccalaureate

  • Are you in your final year of STI2D and interested in becoming an engineer?

    Geipi Polytech also organizes a competition for students in the STI2D and STL series of the Terminale Technologique.

    You will then be able to enter the POLYTECH engineering school pathway (PeiP D) at schools in the network of : Angers, Grenoble, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Orléans.

    All the information you need to enter the GEIPI Polytech competitive entrance exam with a technological baccalaureate can be found in the following document:

How the PeiP A, Archi and D courses work

Orientation after the PeiP course