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Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility


Faced with the ecological transition we all have to make, the socio-economic world needs engineers capable of integrating environmental issues into corporate activities, and there is a demand for profiles focused on SDRS (Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility).

The DDRS charter of the POLYTECH network

The schools in the Polytech network are making commitments to structure their approach to sustainable development and social responsibility (SDRS) by signing a charter resolutely focused on action. The aim of this charter is to make the Polytech network a recognized player in the field of environmental issues, with the overriding ambition of training responsible engineers who are citizens of their time.

The 5 commitments:

  1. Governance adapted to a network that asserts its social responsibility.
  2. Training all students in the challenges of ecological transition.
  3. Greater involvement of research.
  4. A concrete action plan to limit environmental impact.
  5. A social policy that makes a difference