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Engineering programs

Polytech Marseille, a multi-disciplinary school, offers a choice of 9 high-tech engineering courses. These courses are specialized, but give access to a wide range of jobs in their field. All engineering sciences are represented.

Polytech Marseille proposes 9 specialized courses which cover almost all fields of engineering. 

Courses are taught in French.

  • Organized into specialties

    The programs, which recruit different scientific profiles on entry (see admissions section), are organized into autonomous teaching departments under the responsibility of a director. Non-scientific subjects, as well as English, are cross-coordinated to encourage a mix of students who will be well-prepared to work in multi-disciplinary teams in the future.

    All courses include group or individual projects, and each year of study ends with an internship that can be carried out abroad (minimum 8 months spent on internships during the course).

  • Typical organization of training at Polytech Marseille (10 semesters)
    Typical organization of training at Polytech Marseille (10 semesters)

    PEIP preparatory cycle

    S1 to S4 (340h/semester)

    Discovery internship at the end of S2 - 4 weeks

    Basic sciences - Specialized sciences and techniques, SHEJS - Languages

    S5, S6, S7 (400h/semester)

    3A internship at end of S7 - 4 weeks minimum

    Specialized Sciences and Techniques, SHEJS-Languages

    S8 (200h - 400h)

    Core curriculum + choice of pathway or single curriculum

    Specialized Sciences and Techniques, SHEJS-Languages

    S9 (300h - 400h)

    Core curriculum + choice of path or single course

    End-of-studies internship

    S10 (5 months minimum)

  • New apprenticeship diplomas
  • Double courses

    With a view to training dual-skilled engineers who are highly valued on the job market, all Polytech Marseille courses offer the possibility of preparing double degrees thanks to collaborations with other establishments:

    • Polytech engineering double degree + Master's in management from Kedge, ESC Marseille

    • Polytech double degree in civil engineering + Diploma in architecture.

      The Civil Engineering specialization enables students to pursue a double degree: engineering diploma + architect's diploma. This course starts exclusively in the first year of the preparatory cycle at Polytech Marseille. Once admitted to the PeiP course (via the Gipi-Polytech competitive entrance exam) + the Archi competitive entrance exam (via the ENSAM competitive entrance exam).
    • Research Masters

      Research masters are available to students in their final year if they are interested in a career in research or pursuing a thesis.

      The biomedical engineering stream offers an original double curriculum (in 5th year): engineering diploma + research master's degree in "Physics of Ionizing Radiation", which prepares students for the Radiophysicien Médical competitive examination, as well as research master's degrees in "Biomechanics", "Imaging" or "Regulatory Affairs".

      The Mechanics and Energetics stream offers the opportunity to follow the "Disphase Collisions, Energetics and Combustion" research master's degree.