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Continuing education

Continuing education at Polytech

Admission requirements: Hold a scientific DUT/BTS/BAC +2 or equivalent diploma, with at least 3 years' professional experience.
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Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE)

VAE can be used to obtain a diploma, title or certificate of professional qualification. All Polytech Marseille engineering specialties are eligible for VAE.
The aim is for candidates to prove that they have acquired the same knowledge and skills as a student who has followed the traditional engineering training course, through their activity, whether continuous or discontinuous, salaried, self-employed or voluntary.

Candidates prepare a dossier detailing their professional experience and acquired skills. They then appear before a jury, which decides whether to validate all or part of the diploma in question. In the event of partial validation of prior learning, the candidate is offered the opportunity to obtain the full diploma. Full validation of the diploma via this procedure is conditional on the candidate's level of English (TOEIC score of at least 785 points ).

Candidates must have at least 1 year's experience directly related to the diploma in question, whatever their age or professional situation.

Short courses

Polytech Marseille also offers continuing education courses for company employees. We draw on our experience in pedagogical engineering and the excellence of our research in science and technology to design specific, tailor-made modules. Our modules integrate tools, software, exercises and case studies in line with corporate issues.