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Post Master’s degree in Circular Economy and Sustainable Organization - ECOD

Specialized Master ECOD Polytech
  • Diploma prepared : Mastère Spécialisé® - Circular Economy and Sustainable Organization (ECOD)
  • Average number of students in a class: 10
  • Entry-levelstudent profiles: Mechanical engineering, electronics, materials, computer science, civil engineering, robotics, energetics, applied mathematics, chemistry, biotechnology, biomedical engineering.
  • Possible courses : Initial Training (IT), Continuing Training (CT), Professionalization Contract (PC)
  • Campus : Château-Gombert

Objectives of the ECOD Specialized Master's Degree

Faced with the ecological transition that we are all facing, the socio-economic world needs engineers capable of integrating environmental issues into the activities of companies, which are in demand for such profiles.

The Specialized Master® in Circular Economy and Sustainable Organization (ECOD), accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, aims to complement an initial engineering specialization with training in industrial organization, integrating sustainability, circularity, social responsibility and productivity. These new skills, in line with current societal trends, will enable these experts to propose viable, sustainable solutions to organizations and companies.

In this respect, the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD is innovative, as it responds to a demand from the socio-economic world for circular organization of economic flows and activities: the ecological transition is also an industrial transition, and concerns all companies and all professions. Graduates of the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD will spearhead this transition.

The aim is to convey a holistic vision of the ecological transition which, thanks to an adapted and proactive approach to industrial organization, should lead to a sustainable economy that generates wealth and jobs, and is socially and environmentally acceptable.

Student testimonials

Mécanique et Energétique
Student on professional contract
I'm currently on a professionalization contract with Spie Batignolles Energie as a price surveyor for HVAC (air conditioning, ventilation, heating and plumbing) installations. This contract enables me to use the skills I acquired during my studie […] Read more
Student on professional contract

I'm currently on a professionalization contract with Spie Batignolles Energie as a price surveyor for HVAC (air conditioning, ventilation, heating and plumbing) installations.

This contract enables me to use the skills I acquired during my studies and to develop my practical skills by putting them to use in the field.

The schedule for this contract is three days at school and two days on the job. In my opinion, it's very well suited to gradual immersion in the world of work, while at the same time following the energetic mechanics course.

I strongly recommend continuing my studies under a professional training contract, for the practical knowledge it provides, the opportunity to discover the world of business and, last but not least, for the moral and physical rewards it brings.

Mécanique et Énergétique
5A student
2020-2023 (Promotion referent)
Is it possible to combine the American dream with engineering studies? Both as part of my engineering training and from a personal development point of view, I've always wanted to go abroad. I prepared for this goal during the first two years of my […] Read more
5A student
2020-2023 (Promotion referent)

Is it possible to combine the American dream with engineering studies?
Both as part of my engineering training and from a personal development point of view, I've always wanted to go abroad. I prepared for this goal during the first two years of my Mechanics and Energy specialization, during which I was able to develop my knowledge of fluid mechanics, heat transfer and computer languages through a variety of activities: group projects, practical work, exams, tutorials and theory classes! In short, I wasn't bored! Then finally came the semester abroad I'd worked so hard for: the American dream was mine. The partnership between Polytech Marseille and IUPUI (Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis) enabled me to discover a renowned university in the United States and to add to my scientific baggage.

Indeed, what better way to learn about motorsport aerodynamics than to study in the international capital of motor racing? I was able to take more advanced courses in heat transfer, engineering economics, an introduction to astronomy and motor sports aerodynamics. During these six months of immersion, I discovered teaching methods on the other side of the Atlantic, American campuses in all their splendor (Olympic-size swimming pool, state-of-the-art buildings, soccer fields, volleyball, American soccer, basketball...), students from all over the world - in short, the life of an Indiana student. I haven't mentioned it yet, but you've obviously guessed that this semester allowed me to perfect my English and, above all, practice it a lot!

Finally, I was able to organize mini-trips within the trip, and that's how I walked along the banks of the Mississippi, strolled under the screens of Times Square, tasted the famous poutines of our (almost) Quebec-speaking neighbors or smiled at my reflection in the famous "Chicagoan" Bean. I was also able to achieve this incredible goal thanks to all the opportunities offered by Polytech Marseille and more specifically the ME stream, whose representatives and teachers I salute. I highly recommend any student to have an experience abroad. Whether it lasts a few weeks or a few months, I'm sure you'll come out of it stronger, more confident and, above all, with your head full of memories, especially as the range of choices is so wide (Brazil, South Korea, Sweden, Canada, Spain...). Go for it!

  • Training program

    The ECOD Specialized Master® training program is organized into 8 Teaching Units (TU) divided into 3 quarters:

    • UE1 : Industrial Organization (8 ECTS)

      • Circular Project Management
      • Sustainable Production Management
      • Logistics Systems
    • UE2 : Green Management Support (8 ECTS)
      • Quality and Performance
      • Extended Management Systems
      • Extended Cost Management
    • UE3 : Circular & Sustainable Economy (8 ECTS)
      • Sustainable Development and Environment
      • Circular Economy
      • CSR framework
    • UE4 : Eco-Projects (8 ECTS)
      • Mastere Class
      • Blitz Project
      • Feasibility Study
      • Self-learning
      • Wouahou Report
      • Eco 5 à 7
        • Conferences
        • Frescoes
    • UE5 : Sustainable Organization (8 ECTS)
      • Adaptive Management of Sustainable Projects
      • Industrial and Environmental Excellence
      • Reverse Logistics
    • EU6 : Sustainability Engineering (6 ECTS)
      • Industrial and Regional Ecology
      • Life Cycle Analysis
      • Tools and Standards for Sustainability
    • UE7a : Sustainable Eco-engineering (8 ECTS)
      • Sustainable Product Design
      • Perma-design
      • Eco-sourced materials
    • UE7b : Circular Systems (8 ECTS)
      • Optimization and EC
      • Circular layout and flows
      • Sustainable Supply Chain
    • UE7c : Bio Valorisation (8 ECTS)
      • Environment and bio-pollution
      • Bioremediation of biomass
      • Biodegradation of plastics
    • UE8 : Internship & Professional thesis (8 ECTS)
  • Detailed structuring of the UEs in the ECOD Specialized Master's program

    The duration of the ECOD Specialized Master® program is one year (12 full months).

    Initially, the course aims to provide the fundamentals of industrial organization, ecological transition and the circular economy.

    In the second phase, the focus on sustainable organization, in the form of courses and various types of projects (project blitz, feasibility study, self-study, etc.), enables the practical application and appropriation of the skills targeted by the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD.

    An elective course, which enables students to adapt to different professional projects focusing on sustainable products, circular systems or bio-enhancement, extends this in-depth study.

    Three options are available in this UE:

    • The first option focuses on the eco-engineering of products and controlling their ecological footprint. It will cover product eco-design methods integrating various aspects (maintainability, end-of-life dismantling and low technologies), life-cycle and impact analysis, as well as a wide-ranging discussion-illustration of the sustainability of technologies with regard to various industrial sectors.
    • The second option focuses on setting up industrial systems for sustainable production. The various forms of decision support (optimization, simulation...) will enable us to master the design of circular and sustainable industrial systems, and to envisage future developments in logistics (such as the physical Internet...) towards eco-responsible practices. It will also look at how to control the ecological footprint of products through life-cycle analysis.
    • The third option will focus on bio-recovery. Adapted to the profiles of biotechnology engineers, the skills developed here will concern bio-depollution valorization, the bio-valorization of Biomass and the biodegradation of plastics. This course aims to operationalize the circular re-use of material flows through biotechnological processes.
  • Planning the UEs of the ECOD specialized master's program

    Students in initial training:

    All UEs 1 to 7 are scheduled in quadrimester 1 (October - January).
    The following two quarters are devoted to the company internship and the professional thesis.

    • Term 1 :

      • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: UE1, UE2, UE3, UE5, option UE6x
      • Thursday, Friday: UE4 Eco-projects
    • Semester 2: UE7 Internship / Professional Thesis
    • Semester 3: UE7 Internship / Professional thesis

    Students on professionalization contracts :

    The in-company period is spread throughout the year, at the rate of :

    • 2 days per week in semester 1
    • 3 days a week in term 2
    • 5 days a week in term 3.

    In quadrimester 2, the 2 days a week spent at Polytech Marseille are devoted to UE4 and to carrying out the various associated projects.

    • Semester 1 :

      • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: UE1, UE2, UE3, UE5, option UE6x
      • Thursday, Friday: UE7 Internship / Professional thesis
    • Term 2 :
      • Monday, Tuesday: UE4 Eco-projects
      • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: UE7 Internship / Professional thesis
    • Term 3: UE7 Internship / Professional thesis

By the end of the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD, students will have acquired :

  • a systemic vision of the various problems linked to respect for the environment and the different approaches that result from them;
  • know-how relating to industrial organization and its implementation in a context where respect for the environment is paramount;
  • expertise in the eco-design of sustainable products and circular systems;
  • a balanced awareness of the need for industrial organization and respect for the environment, coupled with a critical approach to purely economic choices;
  • the ability to propose organizational and design solutions that are more respectful of the environmental demands placed on an organization;
  • the ability to choose such products and systems, particularly in view of their inherent complexity;
  • an eco-sensitive culture forged through numerous testimonials, lectures, projects and exercises;
  • the practice of interactive teamwork and techniques for communicating, interacting and listening among collaborators.
  • Teaching environment

    All of the academic lecturers and a large proportion of the professional contributors are people with links to scientific research, and as such are in contact with innovation and at the cutting edge of knowledge in their field of expertise. The other industrial lecturers, most of whom are consultants or auditors, have been chosen for the excellence of their know-how, which they maintain on a daily basis through their expert activities.

  • Socio-economic environment

    Numerous companies support the ECOD Specialized Master®. All the companies and institutions to which this project was presented during its design process responded favorably to the proposed training theme, format and timing.

    The Institut National de l'Économie Circulaire is a privileged partner of the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD.

This specialization combines two complementary skills - industrial organization and social and environmental responsibility - so that graduates can apply their initial engineering skills in a way that is both respectful of the planet and economically efficient.

Faced with the environmental challenges and issues that are becoming strong societal demands, companies need employees with this broad range of skills to influence their usual practices. These employees could work in the following professions

  • ECOD project manager or consultant
  • ECOD project manager
  • Ecoproducts design engineer
  • Circular systems design engineer
  • Ecoproduct manager
  • Eco-commercial engineer
  • ...

It should be noted that these professions already exist, but without their eco-responsible connotations, in most conventional industrial fields. In fact, we are witnessing an evolution of existing professions and the possibility of inventing one's own.

It should also be noted that learners will be able to continue working in the industrial and/or technological field corresponding to their initial specialization, as the specialized training offered in the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD is cross-disciplinary.

This Mastère Spécialisé® will enable students to join companies of all sizes. From start-ups to major corporations in most conventional industrial fields, all companies need to change their practices, taking into account the pillars of the circular economy in proposing viable and sustainable solutions.

The diversity of the companies that support the Mastère Spécialisé® ECOD is testimony to the breadth of the opportunities offered by this course. This reflects the very different realities on the ground, both in terms of company size and industrial sector (ICT, logistics, industry, agri-food, biotechnology, etc.). But they all share two common needs: to embrace the ecological transition and to have qualified human resources in this field.

The Mastère Spécialisé ECOD puts you in touch with companies offering work-study contracts that meet your ecological expectations.

Are you looking for a company to complete your work-study program and sign your professionalization contract?

We're here to support you with a complete tour of our job offers dedicated to work-study programs: several offers are available from French companies for ECOD Specialized Master's students. You'll find jobs in a wide range of engineering sectors.

Here are just a few of the professionalization contract assignments awaiting candidates from the ECOD Specialized Master's program:

  • In the agri-food sector, this international group is aiming to revolutionize its practices, and you'll be helping to drive forward the themes of sustainable development and agri-sustainable projects (75).
  • This association of industrial companies in the region, often cited as exemplary for its circularity and Industrial and Territorial Ecology approaches, is looking for an associate to strengthen the dynamics of decarbonization on a territorial scale (13).
  • This company, world leader in the field of automatic waste sorting, is looking for a Design Office associate to develop new sorting machines (various technical specialties possible) (13).
  • This Marseille-based design office, specializing in the energy performance and environmental quality of buildings, is looking for an associate to strengthen its team and contribute to different phases of various "sustainable building" projects (13).
  • This SME based in the Var region of France is looking for an associate to develop zero-impact products for public use, in order to control the environmental impact of its activity and reduce that of its products (83).
  • In the construction and public works sector, this major company is looking for a member of staff to work on a site for the reprocessing-requalification of construction site waste, implementing the principles of the circular economy (83).
  • International leader in the production of fruit purées and coulis, this company is looking for an associate to review the business processes of its ERP, with particular reference to sustainable purchasing (84).
  • A major construction and real estate group, its 'engineering' division is looking for an employee to contribute to the development of various 'Sustainable Development' actions, in conjunction with the project management (13).
  • This innovative start-up aims to offer eco-responsible household products, and is looking for a dynamic and motivated employee to support its growth (various technical specialties possible) (13).


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