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International mobility


International mobility is an opportunity for engineering students to immerse themselves in another culture, to adopt another way of life and thus add an international dimension to their training. It is also an excellent opportunity to work in multicultural teams, and undoubtedly an essential preparation for the engineering profession, which increasingly requires contact with foreign countries.

To obtain its engineering diploma, Polytech Marseille requires a minimum of 12 weeks' international mobility. The school offers several possibilities to students who wish to internationalize their profile during their engineering studies. Many students also take advantage of this opportunity to improve their English language skills.

Going mobile

  • Studying abroad

    Student engineers can pursue a period of study outside France during their studies at Polytech Marseille. The school relies on the extensive network of its parent university, Aix-Marseille Université, and on a number of agreements of its own.

  • The choice of destinations is extensive, covering every continent.

    In 2022, more than 18 countries welcomed students on mobility programs (internships and studies). There are 6 international double degrees.

  • Examples of Polytech Marseille's partner establishments

    Europe: Erasmus programs

    Germany: Universities of Aachen, Karlsruhe, Cologne

    Spain: Autonomous University of Barcelona

    Italy: Politecnico di Milano

    Netherlands: University of Twente

    Romania: University of Bucharest

    Sweden: University of Uppsala

    United Kingdom: Strathclyde University

    Outside Europe

    Canada: BCI Agreements, Ecole de Technologie Supérieure, UQAC

    USA: University of Indianapolis

    Brazil: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

    Mexico: Instituto Tecnológico de Queretaro

    Argentina: University of Cuyo

    Polytech Marseille students: log on to Intra-Polytech to see the full list of partners.

  • Doing an internship abroad

    Students also have the opportunity to carry out one of their compulsory internships outside France, either in a research laboratory that may or may not be a partner of the school, or in a company.

    Every year, 150 to 200 Polytech students choose to do their internship abroad, mainly in North America and Europe.

    In some fields, 100% of 4th-year internships are carried out abroad.

Studying at Polytech

If you're planning to study at Polytech Marseille, as part of an exchange with a partner institution, or because you've joined one of our programs for a full course, here are a few tips to help you adapt to France and the region.