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Student engineers carry out numerous projects during their studies at Polytech. These projects stimulate their creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. They work in teams with professors, industry experts and external partners to solve complex problems and propose innovative solutions.

Future engineers regularly demonstrate great creativity and bold visions that are appreciated by professionals. Their projects, a true showcase for their talent and passion for technology, demonstrate their ambition to play an active part in the technological developments of tomorrow's world.

  • ST Microelectronics stratospheric balloon competition

    Microelectronics and Telecommunications

    In this project, students collaborated with ST Microelectronics to design and launch a stratospheric balloon. Watch an interview with a Polytech Marseille student about the competition.

  • Drone and virtual reality

    Microelectronics and Telecommunications

    This immersive experience takes place during practical work. The students took up the challenge of combining drone technology with the power of virtual reality.

  • Entrepreneurship Challenge

    Students in all specializations

    The Entrepreneurship Challenge is a common core course for all first-year engineering students. It consists in pitting interdisciplinary teams against each other to imagine an innovative start-up and present it to a jury of professionals after a week of collective work coached by experts.

    The finalist teams of the 2023 season proposed solutions for the Silver Economy (products and services for senior citizens) and for agriculture:

    • DONA AI: An artificial intelligence concept enabling senior citizens to maintain links with their loved ones, access activities, remain independent, detect cognitive problems and maintain family ties and follow-up.
    • Agrosafe: A sensor to maximize farmers' harvests. The sensor is attached to the tree and linked to an application that transmits the tree's "medical" data.
    Entrepreneurship Challenge

    Microelectronics and telecommunications

    Thomas Gomez, a final-year engineering student at Polytech Marseille, is taking part in the DRONAMU project, which focuses on electronic warfare and anti-jamming countermeasures. The project aims to prevent jamming on a drone, so that the equipment can land safely, but also establish the GPS coordinates of the jammer on the ground.

    DronAMU C2RD steering workshop 2023