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School associations

Student life_School associations

Community life at an engineering school is an important part of students' daily lives, bringing them together around common interests, working together on projects and sharing experiences.

Associations can cover a wide range of themes, from sports clubs to debating clubs, from volunteer work to culture. Some associations have direct links with study programs and are an opportunity to improve technical knowledge, while others focus on leisure activities and social events that cement the student community. In all cases, leadership, communication and teamwork skills, invaluable in the working world, are reinforced by participation in associative activities.

Polytech Marseille's teaching and administrative staff encourage, value and support students in their initiatives.

  • Student office (BDE)

    The BDE, Bureau Des Élèves, is Polytech's student association. It organizes activities to involve as many students as possible in student life. The association's leaders are the school administration's key contacts for representing students and supporting the many projects initiated each year.


    BDE clubs

    Bureau des arts

    This club offers cultural activities and outings accessible to all. The BDA is also responsible for promoting Polytech Marseille's arts clubs (Pompoms/ Theater Club / Music Club, Symphotech) and creating inter-club/arts events!

    Insta : @bda_polytech_marseille

    Souvenir collectors

    Les Collectionneurs de Souvenirs (CDS) is a club dedicated to collecting students' memories of their 3 years at Polytech Marseille. The best photos, trombinoscopes, messages from teachers, administrative staff, students etc. are collected to produce a souvenir book to be distributed at the graduation ceremony.

    Insta : @cds_xmars


    The music club welcomes beginners and experienced musicians alike. In the dedicated music room on the Luminy campus, students have instruments, microphones and all the equipment they need to have a good time making music and preparing concerts.

    Insta : @symphotech_

    Drama Club

    The drama club offers a creative and stimulating environment for members wishing to develop their drama and communication skills. The club meets every Thursday afternoon for 3 hours, and is supervised by a drama teacher who prepares students for performances to be given in front of the whole school.

    Insta :

    Games club

    The games club offers sessions on board games and role-playing games, video game tournaments, casino outings and other fun activities (Blindtest, Beer Pong, etc.).

    Insta : @club_jeux_xmars


    The BDS, Bureau des Sports, manages the team sports teams, coordinates participation in high-level sporting events within the Polytech network (MNM's tournament, Polytech Neige trophy, etc.), organizes outings (bowling, ice rink, karting, etc.), and prepares the annual TIF (Tournoi inter-filières).

    Insta : @bds_polytech_marseille

    X-Marche and sea

    X-marche and sea invites you to discover Marseille's landscapes: it organizes hikes, climbing trips, kayak outings and even introductory scuba-diving courses!

    Insta : @x_marche_and_sea_polytech


    The WES team is in charge of organizing the first-semester ski weekend.

    Insta : @wes.xmars


    The Pompoms club brings together the school's supporters, who take part in numerous events (back-to-school welcome, graduation ceremonies, etc.). They perform acrobatics and choreography, and train twice a week on the Luminy and Étoile campuses.

    Sailing club

    The Polytech Marseille Sailing Club offers sailing on Thursday afternoons when the weather is fine, as well as light sailing (windsurfing) outings. The club's big event is the sailing excursion weekend!

    Insta : @club_voile_polytech


    The Humanitarian Office is involved in a number of activities within the school. For example, it organizes snack sales, with proceeds going to charity. It also organizes art club performances in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

    Insta : @bdh_polymars


    Polygreen is the school's Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility club. Its aim is to raise awareness of climate issues among students and teachers. Its activities are diverse: it takes part in community events, works to improve student life over the long term, offers DIY workshops, raises funds for various causes, manages waste at parties and organizes events such as "clean my campus".

    Insta : @polygreen_xmars

    The 13 Brewers

    Les 13 Brasseurs is a group of student brewers. They brew the Polytech Marseille cuvée on the equipment at their disposal on the school's premises, organize tastings and offer workshops to discover local beers.

    Insta : @les13brasseurs

    Club Oeno

    Club Oeno orchestrates oenology sessions.

  • Polygon, the junior company

    Polygon is a junior design office. Students work for companies and individuals on a consultancy basis, carrying out work in the various fields in which engineers are trained. Polygon has an entrepreneurial vocation.

    Joining Polygon enables you to :

    • Consolidate cross-disciplinary knowledge in communications, treasury, auditing, quality and many other fields.
    • Attend conferences throughout France.
    • Follow training courses.
    • Build a solid network of junior entrepreneurs.
    • Gather managerial experience, much sought-after by recruiters.


    Insta : @polygon_junior_

  • Proving Forum

    The Proving Forum Association brings together student-engineers in charge of preparing events specific to their specialization, with the aim of getting closer to the business sectors they are destined to enter after graduation. Students get involved in setting up scientific and technological events, as well as employment-related events. The Forums take place on the school's premises at the start of the school year, and are strongly supported by the school administration and teaching staff, in particular through the School/Business Unit, which supports students and takes part in organizing and promoting these events.

    Round-table discussions led by graduates currently working for companies are also organized to give students the opportunity to hear from alumni about their career paths and professions.

    The students also organize conferences where companies come to talk about their professions or present their technological innovations (Club Pôle avenir - cycle of conferences in collaboration with Centrale Marseille student-engineers).


    Insta : @provingforum

  • The Gala association

    In collaboration with the school, the GALA association organizes the prestigious graduation event of the year. The event brings together graduates, their families, students, teachers and staff. Over 1,300 people took part in the latest edition, which took place at the Palais du Pharo opposite the Old Port. .

    Insta : @asso_gala_polytech_marseille

  • Polytech Marseille Alumni Association

    The Alumni Polytech Marseille association, APM, brings together former students of the engineering schools now united in Polytech Marseille. Alumni play an active role in expanding the network and promoting the Polytech brand. Services and events (afterworks, class anniversary weekends) are offered to alumni and students alike. A professional social network is shared by all Polytech alumni associations: MyPolytechNetwork.