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Associated laboratories


The laboratories associated with Polytech Marseille are affiliated with several major public scientific and technological establishments (EPST): CNRS, INSERM, INRAe and IRD. Evaluated according to national rules, they are all recognized for the quality of their research.

As a result, our engineering students are well-trained to meet the competitive needs of companies, and to provide the technical solutions that will drive tomorrow's innovations.

With 125 teaching and research staff in 18 laboratories, Polytech Marseille boasts a wealth of scientific expertise.

  • Materials, Nanosciences & Microelectronics

    29 teacher-researchers

    • CINaM: Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanosciences de Marseille (CNRS/AMU)
    • IM2NP: Institut Matériaux, Microélectronique et Nanosciences de Provence (CNRS/AMU/Univ. Toulon)
    • IF Institut Fresnel (CNRS/AMU)
  • Engineering, Instrumentation & Systems

    42 teacher-researchers

    • CPPM: Marseille Center for Particle Physics (CNRS/IN2P3/AMU)
    • IUSTI: Institut Universitaire des Systèmes Thermiques Industriels (CNRS/AMU)
    • IRPHE (Institute for Research into Out-of-Equilibrium Phenomena)
    • LP3 (Lasers, Plasmas and Photonic Processes)
  • Health & Life Sciences

    19 teacher-researchers

    • AFMB: Architecture and Function of Biological Macromolecules team (CNRS/AMU)
    • BBF: Fungal Biodiversity and Biotechnology Laboratory (INRA/AMU)
    • BIP: Bioenergetics and Protein Engineering (CNRS/AMU)
    • EPV: Emergence des Pathologies Virales (CNRS/AMU)
    • LCB: Laboratoire de Chimie Bactérienne (CNRS/AMU)
    • MIO: Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology (CNRS/IRD/AMU/Univ. Toulon)
    • TAGC: Advanced Technologies for Genomics and the Clinic (INSERM/AMU)
  • Information and Communication Technologies & Digital Technologies

    35 teacher-researchers

    • I2M: Institut de Mathématiques de Marseille (CNRS/AMU)
    • LIS : Computer Science & Systems Laboratory (CNRS/AMU/Université de Toulon)
    • CRET-LOG: University research laboratory in management sciences specialized in logistics and supply chain management (AMU)
    • IFSTTAR: Institut Français des Sciences et Technologies des Transports de l'Aménagement et des Réseaux (French Institute for Transport, Planning and Networks Science and Technology)

Polytech Marseille is also involved, through its teacher-researchers, in a CARNOT institute: CARNOT STAR - Science et Technologie pour les Applications de la Recherche (Science and Technology for Research Applications).

The Carnot institutes bring together 12,800 researchers organized in a network with the same objective: partnership research for companies.

Partners in regional innovation

Polytech Marseille, through its affiliated laboratories, is a partner in major innovation projects linking research, training and business. It is also involved in regional and international competitiveness clusters.

It is a member of six competitive clusters that call on the expertise of its teaching and research staff:

The school is also a stakeholder in the SATT PACA-Corse technology transfer company , which promotes dynamic public research in the region.