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Polytech America

Polytech America is a branch of the Polytech network that develops our collaborations with the United States in terms of study visits and internships.

The Polytech France program initiated by the Polytech school network

Polytech France is a 3-year program:

A year of immersion in French culture (intensive French courses, cultural visits and visits to Polytech schools, etc.) and learning work methods. This year can be spread over 6 months, depending on certain criteria.
2 years in the engineering cycle at a Polytech network school of your choice.

Training program :

One year of preparation for entry into the engineering cycle at Polytech Marseille, Université Aix-Marseille. This year can be organized over 6 months, depending on certain criteria.
Learn how to present a project in French, master the vocabulary of your engineering speciality, learn about French culture and work methods specific to the engineering profession:

  • 1 semester of intensive French courses: listening, speaking and writing.
  • 1 semester of French, methodology, project management and scientific courses.
  • Validation of level B2 in French is a prerequisite for entry into the engineering cycle.

2nd and 3rd year of engineering studies at a school in the Polytech network.

Take courses in the specialty of your choice, in complete immersion with French-speaking students, and earn your diploma.

  • 2nd year: 2 semesters of specialty courses (M1 level)
  • 3rd year: 1 semester of specialized courses (M2 level) and 1 semester of internship, which can take place anywhere in the world.