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Mobility assistance


International mobility for studies or internships is an experience that needs to be prepared in advance, and the cost anticipated.

With the help of the International Relations Department, Polytech can help you determine which grants you may be eligible for.

The various grants available:

  • Erasmus + grant
  • MESRI International Mobility Grant (AMI)
  • Outgoing Mobility Plan (PMS) grant from Aix-Marseille University
  • Aix-Marseille Université TIGER grant
  • Southern Region scholarships
  • UFA grant

Mobility guide

International mobility is an opportunity for engineering students to immerse themselves in another culture, adopt another way of life and add an international dimension to their training.

To obtain its engineering diploma, Polytech Marseille requires a minimum of 12 consecutive weeks of international mobility.

Please note: prior to any international mobility (internships or studies), you must register on the MoveOn application, using the link provided by the DRI (sent automatically during the campaign or on request from the DRI campus). Registration is compulsory. Whether or not you are eligible for a mobility grant, the document generated by this registration will be requested when you set up your academic and administrative mobility file.