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Illustration of professional training

The Polytech Marseille teaching team is committed to fulfilling the engineering school's primary vocation, which is to train high-level graduates who meet employers' expectations: professionals who are up to date with the latest technologies, quickly operational, and capable of managing people and projects.

At the same time, a specialized department dedicated entirely to corporate relations supports the teaching staff in developing contacts with the socio-economic world, bringing partnerships to life, increasing the visibility of our courses with recruiting companies and observing the careers of our graduates.

  • Immersion in professional situations is an integral part of engineering training

    Professional experience is encouraged throughout the curriculum:

    • External lecturers from companies take part in the courses
    • Mandatory internships are an integral part of the engineering cycle
    • More and morestudents opt for work-study programs (professionalization or apprenticeship contracts).
    • Professional events are organized by the school and its students: Polytech Forums (in October), Rencontres Polytech Entreprises (in March-April), career days in the various engineering specialties, entrepreneurial challenges, etc.
    • Polytech also boasts a Partners' Club and a vast network of alumni in positions of responsibility.
  • Student-engineers are exposed to the realities of the business world, and to taking on responsibility.

    General business training is an important part of the curriculum:

    • Students follow courses in law, economics, communications and marketing, and learn about job search techniques. They are also introduced to business creation (Entrepreneurial Challenge).

      This preparation for integration into the socio-economic world is complemented by experience gained in community life.
    • Through the activities of the school's associations, students are encouraged to undertake concrete actions such as organizing festive or sporting events, or setting up events in liaison with professional circles (forums). They can also carry out assignments for companies (junior design office). In this way, they develop the qualities that are essential for managing teams and projects in the future.
  • Your company and Polytech Marseille

    Industrial projects, presentations by experts from your company to engineering students, advertising of your internship/work-study/job offers, presence at our professional forums, involvement in the Corporate Partners Club, participation in the school's training council, sending your employees on continuing education courses, etc... There are many ways in which you can maintain close links with our school and promote your employer brand. Find out more! Don't hesitate to contact our corporate relations department, the first port of call for advice!

  • Graduate employability is assessed by surveys

    The professional integration of Polytech Marseille graduates is monitored every year by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles' joint survey of the latest graduating classes. The results of the Polytech Marseille class of 2022, surveyed in early 2023, are in line with the trends of all the other schools: Polytech Marseille engineering graduates are trained in professions with strong recruitment potential, they quickly find jobs in their field and rapidly progress in their careers towards positions of responsibility.

    Graphiques présentant les chiffres clés des dipllômés et de l'insertion professionnel d'après l'enquête sur la promotion 2022
    Chiffres clés de l'enquête 2023 pour Polytech Marseille, promo 2022

    Enquête CGE :

    Cette enquête commune aux membres de la Conférence des Grandes écoles (écoles d’ingénieurs / écoles de management)examine les conditions d’insertion professionnelle des diplômés des 5 dernières promotions. Les statistiques des diplômés issus des formations Polytech Marseille montrent qu’ils trouvent rapidement un emploi et démarrent leur carrière dans des conditions optimales.

    Diplômés et insertion professionnelle promo 2022 :

    • 356 diplômés en 2022, 8700 ingénieurs Polytech Marseille diplômés au total
    • 89% des diplômés ont trouvé un emploi en moins de 2 mois
    • 71% des diplômés ont répondu à l'enquête

    Situation à 6 mois (résultats basées sur l'enquête commune de la Conférence des Grandes Écoles - CGE , promotion 2021) :

    • 74% en activité professionnelle
    • 2% en volontariat
    • 11% en poursuite d'études hors thèses
    • 5% en thèse
    • 7% en recherche d'emploi
    • 1% sans activité volontairement

    Des situations professionnelles similaires à la moyenne CGE des écoles d'ingénieurs :

    • 51% des élèves ont obtenu un emploi suite au stage ou à l'alternance de dernière année
    • 92% des élèves ont obtenu un statut cadre
    • 57% des élèves travaillent dans des sociétés de +250 salariés
    • 79% des élèves ont obtenu un emploi en CDI

    Profil :

    • 38 K€ de salaire brut annuel dans le cadre d'un premier emploi en France avec primes :
    • 58% en responsabilité d'un projet
    • 85% très satisfait ou satisfait de leur emploi
    • 40% ont des fonctions liées à l'international
    • 90% travaillent dans le secteur privé

    TOP 20 des employeurs des ingénieurs Polytech Marseille :

    • AIRBUS
    • THALES
    • ENGIE
    • VINCI
    • EDF
    • ALTEN
    • ATOS
    • SANOFI
    • SNCF
    • SAFRAN
    • CEA


Internships / Work-study / Employment / Job Fairs :

Continuing Education :

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