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Entering the engineering classes in apprenticeship programs

Entering the engineering cycle in apprenticeship programs

Our three new programs - Computer Science, Digital Systems and Mechanical Engineering - are accessible via their own procedures and timetable (application and interview).
Students in the PeiP preparatory cycle (from Marseille or elsewhere) must apply in parallel with their applications in the traditional courses. They will be admitted as soon as they have found a host company for their apprenticeship (three-year contracts).

  • Admissions

    Entry to 1st year of engineering cycle (year 3 post-bac): competitive entrance examination (selection based on application and interview)

    Prerequisites : 120 ECTS validated (L2, or equivalent), particularly after a preparatory course integrated into Polytech (PEIP), a BUT (targeting Mechanical and Production Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, Civil Engineering, Sustainable Construction, Thermal Engineering and Energy, etc....) or a preparatory class.

    Eligibility for apprentice status : must be at least 29 years old at the time of admission to the school.

  • Energetic Mechanics and Digital Systems applications

    Calendar 2023

    Applications: Candidates must register on Aix-Marseille Université's E-candidat platform between February 20 and April 07, 2023: Selection based on application, English test and interview. Following the file review, eligibility results will be communicated on April 24, 2023.

    Admissions: Admission is final upon signature of an apprenticeship contract with a company for the entire duration of the program (3 years).

  • Applications in IT

    Calendar 2023 :

    Applications must be submitted on the CFAI website by March 1.

    Candidates will be invited to a written test on Saturday, March 11. If selected, they will attend interviews between March 22 and April 12. Selection results will be announced in mid-April.

  • Assistance from the school in finding a host company

    Candidates will be invited to the annual "Rencontres Polytech Entreprises" event. During the day, workshops on the theme of finding a work-study placement will be held in the morning. More than 60 partner companies will be on hand for an internship/work-study Job Dating event from 1:30 to 4:30 pm. Prospective apprentices will be able to meet recruiters, have their CVs proofread and practice recruitment interviews. Further information on this event will be sent to candidates at a later date.