4th Marseille Winter School on Multi-Scale Porous Materials

25-29 january 2016

Location : Polytech, Aix-Marseille University (AMU), Campus de Luminy, 13288 Marseille, cedex 09 - FRANCE

Contact : winterschool.marseille@gmail.com

Registration : http://www.protisvalor.com/congr/mse2


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Porous Materials are ubiquitous in many engineering applications, and specifically in energy and environment related engineering applications. The Marseille Winterschool organized through the  AMU (Aix-Marseille University)-MIT-CNRS joined lab with the support of MITEI (more infos), brings together scientists and engineers to provide a one-week educational training for graduate students and postdocs in all facets of multiscale porous materials, ranging from advanced microscopy and spectroscopy techniques to nanomechanical testing of stiffness, strength and fracture properties of porous materials. The Marseille Winterschool  brings together instructors from MIT, Marseille and Paris University, Georgetown University, and many more. The 2016 edition will develop around the topical issue of porous materials in Nuclear Engineering applications, and will include a one-day visit to ITER.


Organization :


under the auspices of the LabEx ICoME2/CNRS/AM*IDEX, M2UN-GdR-i/CNRS and Polytech Marseille/AMU

  • Dr. Roland Pellenq (Multi-Scale Material Science for Energy and Environment, <MSE>2, the joint CNRS-MIT laboratory, CEE-MIT and Centre Interdisciplinaire des Nanosciences de Marseille, CINaM, AMU-CNRS): pellenq@mit.edu
  • Prof. Philippe Dumas (Polytech-AMU and Centre Interdisciplinaire des Nanosciences de Marseille, CINaM, AMU-CNRS) : philippe.dumas@univ-amu.fr, dumas@cinam.univ-mrs.fr
  • Dr. Christophe Bichara (Centre Interdisciplinaire des Nanosciences de Marseille, CINaM, AMU-CNRS): bichara@cinam.univ-mrs.fr
  • Dr. Pierre Levitz (Physico-chimie des électrolytes et nanosystèmes interfaciaux , PHENIX, CNRS-Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris): pierre.levitz@upmc.fr



Participants, visit our region!

Marseille and its region have a lot to offer  thanks to a long history and a rich mediterranean culture.


Enjoy your stay!