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Polytech Marseille offers three apprenticeship engineering specialties.

The benefits of apprenticeship

  • Dual professional and academic training
  • Employee status
  • Remuneration by the company
  • Exemption from tuition fees
  • 12 weeks abroad
  • Personalized tutoring at school and in the company
  • Significant professional experience


The student-engineer signs a three-year apprenticeship contract. Training is divided into long periods between the company and the school. These are spread over several weeks, allowing for the geographical distance between the company and the school.

Training is organized around :

  • Generic engineering skills based on scientific and technical knowledge, project management and the ability to adapt to business and society.
  • Skills specific to one of the chosen specialties. These skills are assessed jointly by the school and the company.

During the three years of training, the apprentice will have the opportunity to spend 12 weeks in international mobility (compulsory) during periods spent at the company.

Work-study partners at Polytech Marseille

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CFA EPURE Méditérannée
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