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Message to host companies and other host institutions

The positioning of Polytech Marseille regarding the conduct and validation of internships in the current context is presented here.

1/What are the pedagogical measures of Polytech Marseille to validate the undergoing internships ?

The validation of the internships will be carried out by an assessment of the skills acquired by the student during all of his/her internships.

For this year, we will follow the recommendations of the CTI, adapting the assessment to the circumstances and the particular context of the actual duration of the internship and by showing tolerance and broad-mindedness towards trainees.

Position of the French Engineering Titles Commission (CTI*) regarding the diploma requirements for engineering students : By a letter dated March 06, 2020, the CTI presidency has informed all accredited engineering schools that they may adapt on an exceptional basis, the obligations of internship duration and of assessment of the acquired professional skills taking into account the constraints imposed by the coronavirus episode.

2/ Conditions for internships pursuance :

  • If the company/institution offers a telework solution, the internship pursuance is acknowledged even if changes in the activities planning as organized by host company/institution are necessary.
  • If the company is unable to offer a telework alternative (if just a face-to-face/in-person activities are possible), the internship is suspended/interrupted for health reasons.
  • If the company/institution does not offer telework activities but the internship's mission is related to the fight against COVID19, the internship in the structure can be extended.

In case of a temporary or of a permanent internship interruption, or in case of a telework solution, an amendment to the agreement will be established by Polytech Marseille.
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* In 1934, the French law that created CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur - Engineering Degree Commission) set up the first, or at least one of the first, accreditation boards in France and Europe. CTI is an active participant within the European Higher Education Area; it has been a full member of ENQA (European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education) since 2005 and has been registered in EQAR (European Quality Assurance Register) since 2010. CTI is also a founding member of ENAEE (European Network for the Accreditation of Engineering Education) and is one of the agencies authorized to deliver the EUR-ACE label (a quality accreditation label for engineering programmes, developed by ENAEE). CTI also partici-pates in the work of ECA (European Consortium for Accreditation).
Since 1997, all French engineering programmes must be accredited every six years by CTI.